Your best survey


  • Just how intimidating the purchase, construction, maintenance, etc. can be for a prospective buyer or inexperienced ship owner. Sometimes it prevents you from making that purchase or puts you in the uncomfortable position of having to choose a contractor or manufacturer.
  • We also know what headaches professional yachtsmen experience when changing a broker, the crew, constant operation, technical renovation, selling the yacht or leasing it.
  • For a variety of reasons, broker companies also need independent technical yacht audits to improve sales of products and services.
  • The recent years have completely overturned the rules of the Industry, and made crisis anticipation an integral part of a boaters' life.

     Along with Yacht Management | and | Charter Management services, we provide our clients and broker partners with independent technical audit services  and technical management by our certified specialists and a comprehensive market review prepared by NCY's analytics department and available through Subscription.

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