NCY with all the responsibility, pedantry and exclusive confidentiality in the interests of the buyer, it takes purchase of each yacht, whether it is a compact yacht or a large ocean vessel, choosing for itself and its customers only the best vessels, which are able to give their future owner the feeling of infinite freedom, power and adventure. 

     Our brokers, who are well versed in matters of investment, management and purchase of exclusive water assets, are ready to take on the most painstaking and extremely specific work on the selection of the vessel,  its preliminary examination,  inspection, registration, insurance, mooring and crew staffing or share it with the future buyer, if he/she wants to take on the role of not only the owner, but also a competent yachtsman,  who knows all the ins and outs of his/her ship.

     As a result, our buyers have just to visit the chosen vessel  to make the final choice with a stroke of the pen, and the yacht of your dream will be anywhere in the world where you just want it.


* A this case, NCY will provide services in marine affairs training and obtaining various professional certificates.

Enjoy your purchase

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