Realise Your Yacht Building Ambitions With The Right Finance Solution.

     Yacht construction finance is one of the most complex types of financing in a yacht industry. Every transaction is unique and therefore requires the right set of financial instruments and solutions.  

  • We offer the services of our team of financial specialists to provide a flexible and individual response to your enquiry. 
  • Our financial solutions are adapted to your requirements and your project.
  • We are fully aware the requirements of both lenders and borrowers.
  • NCY has reliable partner relations with numerous banks, funds and other leading financial institutions of Great Britain, Europe and other regions, which allows us to find and negotiate the most favorable financing/loan terms for our clients. 
  • The process of getting a loan with us is quite simple and requires no effort from your side. The client's desire to maintain confidentiality for us is undeniable.
  • We can arrange a yacht loan for you that is sure to meet your requirements, even if you are somewhat credit challenged. 
  • To ensure the success of your project, our experts work in close cooperation with the best specialists in the sector. Our experts are supported by specialised lawyers, maritime experts, brokers, yacht managers, project managers, naval architects, designers and reputable insurers. 

Don’t postpone purchasing the yacht you deserve! 

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